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My name is Greg Bull and I have worked with Dispensing Doctors since 1995, when I stumbled into them via my previous employer way back then. Being honest, I didn’t even know doctors dispensed medicine, let alone ran commercially functioning dispensaries. I was brought up in an urban environment where “Doctors prescribe and pharmacists dispense”. That was the mantra and back in the 1990’s there seemed to be some animosity between dispensing doctors and pharmacy. Hopefully that is a thing of the past.

And so I learnt about The Drug Tariff [wow what a thing to have to read and look at every month… but every cloud has a silver lining], endorsing, branded generics, ethicals, generics, parallel imports, “specials” and much more. I have made many friends in the dispensing doctor world, it’s a small niche place and I like it. I can promise you that if I don’t know something related to Dispensing Doctors, there probably isn’t anyone else who does know!

Since being made redundant it is time to create a new company dedicated to helping Dispensing Doctors:  is where you can find out more. It’s always about the patient for me, always was and always will be. The patient is the most important part of the NHS. I have come to learn so much about dispensing doctor dispensing from so many wonderful, interesting, intelligent and passionate characters from the GP world, pharma, pharmacists and primary care that I want to share it.

I am busy creating a team of like-minded people to join with me in this and together we can have some fun, make a difference to patient lives, help keep dispensing doctor practices afloat and viable and most of all, lets save this NHS of ours; it really is a jewel in our crown, lets protect it forever.