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A fresh, innovative approach to providing blended mindset and psychology training, skills training and solutions to develop and support the "Leaders of Tomorrow"


With our partners at LSAA we are able offer the very best in mindset and psychology training, skills training and help you deliver the “Leaders of Tomorrow".


With the help of 50 of the UK’s leading independent trainers we have the following blended learning solutions:



Virtual Engagement

  • Enhance Access Opportunities via our holistic blended learning solution

Account Management

  • Account Optimization for Pharmaceutical Representatives
  • Account Management for Pharma and MedTech (covering Primary Care, Secondary Care and the Private Sector)

Enhancing access, utilising multi-channel expertise and in call performance

  • Customer Access Skills
  • How to commercialise a clinical paper
  • How to read a clinical paper
  • Negotiation and Presentation Skills
  • Multi-Channel engagement
  • Time Management and Networking 

Enhancing Sales and Marketing Acumen

  • Best Practice in Marketing to the NHS
  • Effective communication for sales professionals
  • Personal Effectiveness in the Sales Role
  • Sales Coaching

Mindset and Psychology

  • The Psychology of Sales
  • Managing Anxiety, Stress and Mental Health and Wellbeing
  • Emotional Agility and Resilience

Developing the Leaders of Tomorrow

  • Introduction to Marketing and the Essentials of strategy
  • Flourish as a Manager in a New organisation
  • Effective Leadership
  • The Aspiring Leader



Below is a list of some of our well-known authors and contributors to the skills and mindset courses


Alastair Carmichael

David Cosgrove

Jan Flynn

Paul Bobin

Allan Mackintosh

Debbie Woodward

Jenny Rossiter

Rob Toomey

Andrew Davidson

Eleanor Lawrance

Keith Rowland

Sarah Fogg

Andy Anderson

Gareth Davies

Laura Rosenthal

Scott McKenzie

Andy Gross

Gareth Roberts

Lynne Kennedy

Simon Wills

Ania Euszkowski

Gary Killington

Mark Davies

Stuart Shotton

Anne Ballard

Greg Danilewicz

Mark Harbour

Terry Hill 

Bob Bevil

Helen Sandilands

Martin Knowles

Terry Neild

Caroline Fish

Ian Chamberlain

Michael Cheetham

Tim Kneen

Catherine Allen

Ian Saunders

Michelle Sullivan 

Tina O’Brien

Catherine Cain

Irene Stone

Miranda Hanks Tom Phillips

Chrissy Hobbs

Jacqui Purnell Paddy (Jonathan) Patterson Vikash Dudhia

David Bobs