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A fresh, innovative approach to providing blended mindset and psychology training, skills training and solutions to develop and support the "Leaders of Tomorrow"


With our partners at Life Science Access Academy (LSAA) we are able offer the very best in mindset and psychology training, skills training and help you deliver the “Leaders of Tomorrow".


With the help of 50 of the UK’s leading independent trainers we have the following blended learning solutions:



Access Fundamentals

Access fundamentals mainly focuses on helping you generate face-to-face appointments and meetings with difficult to access customers. It also touches upon important related areas such as networking, building relationships with your customers after gaining access and how to manage your time most efficiently. Featuring courses such as ‘Gaining Virtual Access Masterclass’, ‘Customer Access Skills’, ‘Steps to Success – Getting the Follow Up Meeting’ and ‘Time Management Essentials for Sales Professionals’, this topic has everything you need to access your desired customers and make a good impression. 

Account Management, Market Access and Business Skills

The courses in this category encompass everything you need to improve your business skills. It looks at the principles of account management, account selling, advocacy development, key finance skills and negotiation. Courses include: ‘Account Management - What it is and its Importance to The Future of Your Business’, ‘Essential Finance Skills for Aspiring Leaders’, ‘Negotiation Essentials for Buyers’ and ‘Key Account Management’.

Blogs and Podcasts

A selection of our leading Consultants provide regular updates, hints and tips to ensure that the Life Science sector are one step ahead in respect of the knowledge, skills and insight to thrive in the “living with COVID 19” world.

Career Development - Sales, Marketing & MSL

This category will help you develop your understanding of marketing and how it can be used to positively impact your business. The courses will teach you exactly what marketing is, how to develop a market access strategy and build a brand. Courses include: ‘Maximising Audience Attention Leaders Guide’, ‘Digital Marketing’, ‘An Introduction To Marketing and The Essentials of Strategy’’ and Building a Brand’. This category also touches on presenting skills and maximising the impact of a presentation along with techniques and tools for training.

Communication and Presentation Skills

This category has everything you need to communicate clearly and present yourself well in business. Many of these courses will improve your understanding of yourself and how you interact with your customer, generating more meaningful and positive interactions. Good communication is essential in business. The courses under this category cover: how to communicate effectively, how to engage, how to maintain the attention of your customer, how to present yourself well in real life, virtually or when presenting. Courses include: ‘Skills of a Great Presenter’, ‘Why Should I Pay Attention to You? Real Selling in a Noisy, Virtual World’, ‘Effective Sales Communication’ and ‘Influencing Without Authority’.

Congresses, Exhibitions, Stands and Lunch meetings

The courses in this category will help you to maximise the effectiveness and efficiency of your congresses, exhibitions, stands and lunch meetings. For example, our ‘Congress ROI’ course covers key strategies and tasks to make sure business goals are maximised, ‘Lunch Meetings – Steps for Success to Maximise Effective Access’ explains how to appropriately generate a return on investment from these events and ‘The 4 Es of Exhibition Excellence’ describes how a well trained 'booth crew' can generate huge increases in the return on investment.

Equality, Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging

We are proud to be leading the conversation with Life Sciences on the importance and impact of embracing this agenda. From Think Tanks, to e-learning, to blogs and  interviews with leading thought leaders, we delve in to the terminology, celebrate the successes and understand what more we can all do to better understand our colleagues, customers and patients.

In Call Performance

In Call Performance is one of the most important things for the development of a Sales Person. However good you are there is always room for improvement. The courses in this category will help you further develop your sales skills and technique; what you say and how you say it; help you think about your customers and what they need from you; and help you become even better than you already are.

‘Remote & Virtual Selling Mastery’, ‘An Introduction to The Psychology of Sales Reluctance’, ‘GROWing Your Sales’ Modules 1 & 2, ‘How Do You Negotiate When You Have No Control Over Price?’ 

Mindset and Psychology

The courses in this category will improve your understanding of yourself and others. When we understand ourselves, we communicate more effectively and feel better. When we understand our customers, they feel more valued. These courses explore the subjects of emotional agility, personal resilience, personal fulfilment, positive thinking and more. Courses include: ‘Positive Thinking for Business Success’, ‘Overcoming Workplace Loneliness’, ‘Managing Stress’, ‘Introduction to Mental Health and Wellbeing’ and ‘Emotional Resilience During COVID-19’. 

Sales Managers Toolkit

The courses in this category encompass every important skill required by modern sales managers. They touch on leadership, finance skills, coaching, access skills, stress management and leadership among many other topics. Everything a keen-to-improve sales manager could need can be found in the courses under this category.  They include: ‘How to Flourish as a Manager in a New Organisation’, ‘Inspiration 1 - The New World: Become An Inspiring Leader’, ‘Motivation at Work - Why This is Important for You, Your Team Colleagues and Your Manager’, ‘Seven Ways To Get The Best Out Of Your Staff’ and ‘An Introduction to Anxiety and Stress Management’. 

Virtual Engagement

In a COVID-19 world, the ability to engage virtually with confidence is more important than ever. If virtual engagement is the 'new normal and the most prevalent way of interacting with our customers, it is imperative that we make them as smooth, professional and successful as possible. There are lots of ways you can improve your virtual engagements and these courses cover many of them: ‘Gaining Virtual Access Masterclass’, ‘Remote & Virtual Selling Master’, ‘Virtual & Multi-Channel Engagement – Hints & Tips’, ‘Virtual Engagement: Coaching in Virtual Engagement’ and ‘Virtual Engagement: Technology Use’. This category also features several live interviews with Life Science Access Academy founder Ian Chamberlain and our industry experts, in which they share their opinions and tips on virtual selling and engagement.